About Me (James Mason) and GamingChairBeast

James Mason

I am James Mason has a family of five members. I am a father of two sons and one daughter. I have six years of experience in the development of comfortable things related to gaming. Mastering my expertise, I have efficient knowledge about the material used in the construction of gaming chairs, rockers, couches, and other products.

I started my career as a worker and quality checker in a factory that develops products related to gaming and others. I am also doing a part-time job in a local brand where I was a sales manager. Where we have to first read about the product so that we deal with the customers in an easy and accurate way and in such a way I gained a lot of knowledge about the qualities, use, and care of products related to gaming and providing the comfort to gamers.

Then I stepped into the world of blogging, where I start to write blogs. I have launched many projects where I have written many articles on gaming chairs and many other products.

Similarly, GamingChairBeast is one of my projects about which I am thrilled. Through this blog, I will bring new products that shall be liked by you and give you a lot of benefits.