10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Have you ever lost a game because you were uncomfortable in your chair? Because as soon as you started fixing your posture, you missed a shot and ended up losing the game! Whether you are a professional gamer or an amateur, let’s all agree on the fact that gaming is all about enjoyment and relaxation. And when that is compromised, there is no spice in it.

For that reason, you need a good gaming chair to bring out the best in you. I know your budget will not let you spend a lot of money on a gaming chair. Therefore, we have found 10 gaming chairs which are cheap and fulfil all your needs. Their features and designs have been thoroughly analyzed, so don’t waste your time and learn more about these awesome gaming chairs in detail by reading this review!

1. Best Office PC Gaming Chair – High-Quality Ergonomic Chair

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

This chair has proved to live up to its name! It is specially designed for people who work on their personal computers. That means it will keep you comfortable while you are gaming on your PC. This is because of its incredible design and super soft materials.

A professional gamer always makes frequent visits to physicians complaining about their backaches and lumbar problems. But this won’t happen anymore as this chair has an ergonomic design. This means it has been constructed by keeping in view the different problems users face when their work is mostly related to sitting all the time.

Gaming is never easy when you don’t have the right equipment. You cannot randomly sit down and start the game. A professional gamer always adjusts himself in a comfy chair and then starts the game with a relaxed mind. Even before driving, you adjust your seat! Therefore this gaming chair enables you to adjust its height between 18.2-21.3 inches and even the armrests.

The chair has a steel frame and is covered with PU leather which is highly durable. It is a perfect material to be used for chairs as it is smooth and soft. The legs are made of nylon casters as they do not leave marks on the floor and prevent scratches.

You will also find a small soft cushion fixed at the back to rest your neck on. It acts as a headrest. Moreover, there is an option to adjust its flex. So whether you want, a swinging back support or a fixed one, you can simply adjust it according to your liking. For all these options there are handles beneath the seat, and you can easily use them effortlessly. However, with all its awesome features there is one loophole; it can hold a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Although, It is enough for a person with average weight somehow this is something you should consider while buying it!

This chair is perfect for a professional gamer who has to stick to his Personal computer 24/7. It provides maximum comfortability and a very advanced option for adjustability. Your gaming will become super fun and easy if you have this perfect comfy chair to rest on.

2. BOSSIN – Top Rated Gaming Chair

Top Rated Gamig chair

Do you spend all day on your gaming chair? If yes, then you must need some rest at times when you just comfortably want to stretch your legs for a few minutes. For this purpose, this gaming chair has a stool footrest support. You can simply just pull it out and rest your feet on it. This quality makes it very different from all the other gaming chairs.

Due to these multipurpose qualities, you can simply keep this gaming chair in your lounge or your bedroom and play games on your laptops or television. Apart from this, you can also adjust its height to within a range of 3.9 inches. You can also adjust its backrest at various positions between 90 to 155 degrees.

The chair is made of alloy steel and has a lot of cushioning. It has very skillfully designed grooves at the back to support your lumbar and avoid contracting back issues. This makes the chair comfortable for a long time of use. It also has padded armrests that are fixed. The outer covering is made of faux leather which is highly smooth and soft.

It is movable as the legs have nylon castors allowing you to drift and fetch a thing from the other side of the room. But the best part is that it can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds which is more than other gaming chairs under $100. So now battling in the virtual world will become very easy as you will have the most comfortable chair to rest on!

This gaming chair has very impressive qualities and can give you more than you could ever imagine. It has a footrest that helps you stretch your legs when you are tired of sitting straight and cramped up. It is in every way one of the best gaming chairs under $100 in 2022.

3. High Back Gaming Chair

High Back Gaming Chair

This chair is one of the best gaming chairs under $100 in 2022 due to its soft and foamy feel! It offers a lot more features than the price demanded. Made especially for workaholics and gamers, this chair does not compromise on its quality. It has an ergonomic design to cover every aspect of requirements demanded by users.

Even the armrests are ergonomically designed with maximum cushioning to prevent bruises. However, they are fixed and not adjustable. The construction is perfect to avoid back problems experienced by gamers. The super-soft seat and back support are covered with PU leather. This leather can resist bacterial growth as it is and avoid damage.

The chair has an adjustable height and maximum mobility. It has movable nylon castors, 360-degree swirling and good back swinging. In short, you can just stay in this chair while moving around your room to fetch stuff. It also comes with a soft, movable pillow for neck rest. Overall, it is highly durable and can easily hold 250 pounds of weight.

The design is very simple and therefore needs less time for assembly. The company claims that it takes less than 15 minutes to assemble it perfectly, but for a person who is doing it for the first time, it will take almost half an hour. Nonetheless, you will get a beautifully designed gaming chair in the end.

This chair is undoubtedly best for teens and little ones who are looking for small, affordable and soft gaming chairs to have a smooth experience. It has high-quality materials used in it and is not prone to damage due to its bacterial resistance and permeability.

4. OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Best Budgeted Chair

OFM has the most beautifully designed chair for gaming. Although they are mostly not affordable, this one is an exception. It is inexpensive and well-designed at the same time. It comes in various vibrant colours that are very attractive. But there is a lot more to come, so let’s look into its qualities!

This chair makes gaming super fun! It has an adjustable height to facilitate people of different heights. You can also adjust its back swinging called the tilt control. While it also allows a 360 degree swirling. There are various tools beneath the chair to control all these options. Overall, the chair is highly cushioned and covered with SofThread leather.

The armrests are not fixed and are padded. It does not have a proper pillow for neck rest, but it’s integrated into the framework of the chair. You will enjoy playing games for hours on your PCs while sitting on this well-designed chair.

This gaming chair is a simple, practically designed chair which will undoubtedly make your gaming experience delightful. It is good for amateurs who use this chair on and off. You can keep it in your room or your lounge to play games on television as it fits everywhere.

5. Amazon Commercial Ergonomic Chair

SMUGCHAIR is a specialized gaming chair for gamers who have to sit before their PC for long hours to win the race. This chair is covered with a PU leather material known for its breathability and skin-friendly feel. The leather covering makes this chair more long-lasting as it is easy to clean as well as resistant to any wear and tear when used for long hour gaming due to its tightly woven covering. This chair is supported by a base with 5 legs each having tiny wheels so that it is easy to move it around a gaming lounge.

The height of the chair is highly adjustable to serve the gamer’s preference based on his/her weight, height and comfort level as it can be flipped up and down whenever needed. This height can be adjusted by using a handle protruding from underneath the seat using which the gamer can customize the tilt tension as well as the tilt lock just the way he/she pleases.

The armrests of these chairs are highly padded with a soft material to provide quality support to the arms during long hours of gaming. For longer-lasting usage, this chair has a weight capacity of 250lb and a comfort level which is unmatchable which a pro gamer would love to try using this chair for a practically successful gaming experience.

For an amazing gaming experience where you get no neck and back pains, the smug chair is a definite pick as it provides wellness and well-being through its highly adjustable backrest, padded armrests and cushioned seat with maximum mobility.

6. Best Choice Gaming Floor Chair

Best Choic Gaming Floor Chair

Now, this chair is something different! It is a floor chair which can be used for various purposes. It is a cosy chair with different qualities. You can sit and relax by adjusting your back while gaming. You can simply keep it in your sitting area if your friends come over and need a place to sit. Above all, you can even store it to save some space by folding it!

The gaming chair is highly comfortable and soft. It is well-cushioned with polyester fibre and will keep you cosy for as long as you want. The armrest is removable and is padded with foam. Overall the framework of the chair is made of alloy steel. The best part is that you do not have to worry about getting it dirty and how to clean it! Because it has washable base components and you can simply wash them in a washing machine. Other than that, it is movable and can swivel on all sides up to 360 degrees.

This gaming chair is a very well-designed multi-purpose chair which can be used by teenagers and bachelors who want simple and affordable furniture for their apartments. This chair makes gaming fun because it is cosy and soft.

7. Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Sofa Chair

Affordable sofa Gaming chair

This sofa chair has got to be one of the most stylish looking chairs for gamers out there. It comes in various colours like black, purple, brown and many more. It gives an aesthetic look to the area you keep it in. This is a good option for girls who are gamers and want an affordable gaming chair that is comfortable.

It can be adjusted at various levels, or you can keep it completely flat like a carpet. The only difference is that it is softer due to the thick stuffing of foam and polyester. It is then covered with the smooth mesh-like material, i.e. flannel. It is skin-friendly, and even your little pets will love cuddling with you on it. The inside framework, however, is made of iron.

The chair only weighs 13.5 pounds so you can move it wherever you want. It is long enough to take a tall person in. This is due to the fact that it is almost 39 inches long and 16 inches wide. Therefore, you will simply love this chair and its qualities.

This sofa-like chair is a beautifully designed gaming chair which is perfect for those who like setting up their apartments with class. It looks luxurious, yet comfortable. A person who has less space in his apartment will definitely need this gaming chair.

8. KKTONER Ergonomic Gaming Chair

KKTONER Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Here is another very cool gaming chair which has a lot to show off about. Although it is highly affordable but can be compared with the most expensive gaming chairs due to its advanced features. It gives a very classy and luxurious look as soon as you look at it.

It comes in 3 different colours, i.e. red, blue and white. You will love the combination of black with these 3 colours. Apart from its appearance, it is highly comfortable. It has an ergonomic design and gives good support to your back due to the soft cushion at the neck area and the waist. You can also stretch your feet in this chair as it has a footrest. All you need to do is pull out the footrest beneath the chair. It can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

The chair is covered with PU leather. It is specially designed to be waterproof. Moreover, it is easy to clean, and therefore oil stains can be easily cleaned. So for all the messy gamers, this comfy gaming chair is a good option.

This gaming chair is perfect for messy people who spill everything all over the place as it is waterproof and easy to clean. You will love its design and its quality. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best gaming chairs under $100 in 2022. So don’t forget to check it out!

9. JUMMICO Gaming Chair

JUMMICO Gaming Chair

This gaming chair has been designed after analyzing the requirements of the gamers. It is an advanced version of the previous gaming chair introduced by the company. This one has been designed to make gamers comfortable while correcting their posture simultaneously.

The chair is covered with premium leather that is smooth and resistant to long-lasting stains. You can move its armrests which are also padded. The height is adjustable by 3.9 inches. It also has a rocking back support. The chair does not include pillows for headrests, but it is surely one of the most comfortable gaming chairs of all time.

The maximum capacity of this chair is 280 pounds which is more than most of the other chairs at this price. Like all the others, it allows 360 degrees swivelling. Overall, it is highly comfortable and perfectly designed. It is highly recommended for beginners as they will be able to set up a healthy posture from the very start.

This chair is best for beginners who need a good rocking chair to rest on. It is a modern gaming chair which does not compromise on the quality of features given in it. You will love its design and comfortability and will surely rock the virtual marathons like never before.

10. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under 100 Dollars

The FURMAX office desk gaming chair is the most recommended replacement for a cheap target office chair having minimal back support which gives back pains. This chair, in contrast, is quite comfortable and low in price. The materials used in the manufacturing of this chair include leather, plastic and mesh. Most of the chair is covered with soft, breathable leather, and the plus point is that upon opening, it does not give the leather-ish smell as most gaming chairs do.

This chair has got a higher back than usual chairs which provides soft and comfy support, and the gamer doesn’t feel like he/she is sitting against a brick wall. Despite having a high back, some tall height users do complain that it reaches mid-neck or just their ears and is not long enough for them. In addition to this, it has highly padded armrests that prove to be very supportive for the arms of the gamer. It has a rocking function as well, i.e. the gamer can rock it back and forth during game breaks.

It glides very smoothly on the floor and has 5 support wheels at its base that can move around 360 degrees in a rotatory motion. The chair has a bucket seat which is wide and deep and not tight-fitting for the user resulting in a high comfort level. The seat also has 3-inch padding for a softer feel so that no strain is experienced by the muscles. The seat height is also adjustable within specified dimensions. The maximum weight capacity during a long period of usage is around 280lbs, providing sustainability and better well-being.

This chair is very easy to assemble and has hardly got around five steps which definitely saves precious time for users. All the pieces including the seat are present in the box and hardly need any explanation for assembling them together.

The FURMAX office desk gaming chair definitely gives what the gamer pays for, i.e. good comfy quality at a lower price than usual gaming chairs. It has a high back to rest the head and a flexible base to rock the body after long hours of gaming hence providing the most relaxed feeling in its wider and deeper seat.

What is the best cheap gaming chair?

There are many cheap gaming chairs but the main problem with cheap gaming chairs is that they are made of low-quality. Although OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair is the best cheap gaming chair.

What should I look for when buying a gaming chair?

The comfort level and adjustability are the two basic features of a gaming chair which have to be considered while buying a gaming chair and these two features also make the gaming chair unique.

All the above-mentioned gaming chairs have highly impressive qualities and are the best ones under $100. They are cosy, well-cushioned and have good lumbar support. Here are my top 3 picks:

  1. Best Office PC Gaming Chair is truly a gaming chair with the best qualities and adjustable seats.
  2. BOSSIN Gaming Chair has a footrest and many high-quality components.
  3. OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair is a simple gaming chair with practical features.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a good gamer in future, then you should definitely start with these simple steps of getting a good gaming chair. Getting a perfect gaming chair will bring you one step closer to fulfilling your dream as comfort is a top priority of every gamer. I hope this article helps you find what you are looking for!

Happy Gaming!

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