Privacy Policy & Terms of Services

We at GamingChairBeast are complaining about general data protection regulation and here are a few words on our privacy policy combined with our terms/services.

  • We do not store any information about visitors, which can identify them.
  • We do not allow registrations of users which means that we do not store any passwords or emails.
  • We allow comments and save your comments, names, and email that you enter along with IPs.
  • This information is encrypted before saving and then save in the hosting of our server.
  • The information saved is useless for any hacker.
  • We utilize Amazon affiliate Program for monetization. You should read Affiliate disclosure for further information.

In order to use our site,

  • You must follow the privacy policies or simply leave the site.
  • You must make sure that you have read and agreed to all the privacy policies before using this site anymore.
  • We GamingChairBeast can change our privacy policy anytime with or without any notification. The new change will be considered as it existed when this site was developed.